Here I'll help you to find the right program for you if you are struggling with imbalances.
Are you exhausted and you cannot get out of bed in the morning?
Do you feel sad or blue for no apparent reason?
Do you feel like you do not have enough energy and you cannot get out of the couch?
Is it hard to find the motivation to do things that in the past it brought you joy?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is likely that you have an imbalance in your body. I can help you to make the necessary changes so that you can feel better.

Acupressure MPS

Acupressure is an alternative to acupuncture which is an alternative pain management and relaxation method originating from Ancient China that helps clients by insertion of thin needles in the body.

Botanicals (Herbs)

Alicia C Omaña, PhD, MPH, uses natural products that have synergistic blended ancient herbal formulas combined with modern cutting-edge genetic science, free of animal glandular or by-products.


Our program is designed to support the body in relieving the discomfort that occur with these blockages that cause natural elimination systems to be less than optimal.

Individualized Tailored Food

Rather than recommend a specific “diet”, we offer a personalized eating plan that allows you to eat as much as you like while losing weight.


Homeopathy is a system of medical practice that treats a disease, especially by the administration of minute doses of a remedy that would in larger amounts produce in healthy persons symptoms similar to those of the disease.


I help people not wake up feeling stressed and worried to the point where it interrupts their daily life and I support them to use food and habit changes to feel more relaxed and at ease.

Holistic Emotional Relief & Balance

Emotional relaxation is a natural and holistic energy intervention that help us to identify and clear stored emotions that can create harmful emotional energies.

Initial Adult Natural Wellness Consultation

This thorough visit allows you and your wellness/nutritional consultant to get to the root cause of your imbalances.

Initial Child Natural Wellness Consultation

This thorough visit allows you and your wellness consultant, to get to the root cause of your imbalances so that your wellness concerns can be properly addressed for long term well-being gains


Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system using muscle testing as a primary feedback mechanism to examine how a person’s body is functioning when properly applied.


During my sessions I educate people how to connect with their inner part of their existence – the deepest wisdom- and together we identify patterns that interfere from achieving their goals at all levels of their existence

Bio-Magnet Interventions

Biomagnetism is a technique placing magnets at various specific points in the body to help the body to recover your wellness improving your health in a natural, clean, and very fast way

Natural Flower Essence Well-being

Our Flower Essence natural product is a safe method of well-being that gently restores the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole.

Omana Wellness Quantum Energy Infused Essential Oils™

Our Revolutioonary OMANA WELLNESS QUANTUM ENERGY INFUSED ESSENTIAL OILS™ become easly absorved in the blood stream, We focus in the resonance of the vibrations through frequencies.

Natural Nutritional Supplements

We work in harmony and profoundly with manufacturers to offer products based on the needs of our clientele. We offer a superb and high-quality variety of supplements.

Sound and Vibration Wellness Interventions

The harmonic content of a sound is a vibration of particles. It is a pure mathematical formula producing the harmony of creation and pure wellness with a healing potential improvement.


I'll organize your environment to improve your quality of life, your environment becomes your best ally to create spaces that transmit peace, harmony, stability, comfort, tranquility, and the positive.

Wellness Fitness & Weight Loss

Our Weight Management Program directs you to your ideal body weight, energy levels, and fitness goals. We provide different options to each client based on your specific goals and needs.

Quantum Energy-Frequency Wellness To Improve Health

Quantum Energy feedback is a technology designed to identify and relieve stress and imbalances within the body to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being.