Lifestyle Applications

An interesting factor that I have observed in my career for over 40 years is that people can not attain the dreams of their lives because they feel something is holding them back.

During my sessions, I educate people on how to connect with the inner part of their existence – the deepest wisdom- and together we identify patterns that interfere with achieving their goals at all levels of their existence such as mental, emotional, social, physical, environmental, spiritual and ethereal levels.

I build a long-lasting relationship with anyone who commits to self-advancement in their own lives and among others by identifying what is blocking them from experiencing from having holistic and complete health, joy, success, and abundance.

“My desire is for you to allow me to be your natural wellness consultant and your energy counselor to improve your health, I can help you to exponentially grow at all levels in your entire existence”.


Some variables play an important role in our existence such as life experiences, personality structure, and external interferences.

We start the Life Energy Vitality™ session by teaching the client how to consciously access information from the unconscious mind through a unique modality of a neurolinguistic variable by communicating with our inner and talking to the part that needs well-being, wellness to improve wellbeing and consequently healing. The responses take the following forms:

  • Visual; a picture, a memory, a dream that you can see,
  • Auditory; a thought in words, a piece of music, a tone of voice,
  • Kinesthetic; a physical or emotional sensation felt in the body. (Sometimes there is a taste or smell response.)

The interventions with the Life Energy Vitality Program differ from other methodologies because, during our sessions, the person identifies the patterns causing them discomfort or imbalances within their levels of existence. There is a facilitated agreement with the client to communicate consciously with the client’s self-mind, body, and soul.

Sessions can be are offered by Zoom or in-person from wherever you are located around the world.