I can help you to restore your wellness and improve your health.

I help people not wake up feeling stressed and worried to the point where it interrupts their daily life and I support them to use food and habit changes to feel more relaxed and at ease.

I am a wellness consultant who helps people live with healthy blood sugar levels through eating delicious whole foods and removing processed foods and hidden sugars from their kitchen pantries.

I work with people who are experiencing imbalances on daily basis and who want tools, information, and support to have more energy, clarity, and motivation so they can find their enthusiasm, joy, and energy again.

  • Are you exhausted and you can not get out of bed in the morning?
  • Are you sleeping more than 10 hours at night?
  • Do you feel das or blue for no apparent reason?
  • Do you feel like you do not have enough energy and you can not get out of the couch?
  • Is it hard to find the motivation to do things that in the past it brought you joy?