Alicia C Omaña, Ph.D., MPH, uses natural products that have synergistic blended ancient herbal formulas combined with modern cutting-edge genetic science, free from animal glandular or by-products

Our formulas are uniquely adapted for their specialized concentration and function for the body to experience wellness to improve health. Their ingredients are intended to maintain and optimize well-being, provide cofactors that are critical for maintaining and sustaining the body’s vital functions and improve health. Functional issues result when organs and systems are in an imbalanced hyper or hypo-active state.

We use the highest quality natural products. The synergistic effect of herbal ancient wisdom combined with modern-day genetic science has resulted in the revolutionary formulation of FormCodes™.

FormCodes™ found within the formulas are genetic amino acid sequences modeled after a healthy human being, rather than relying on the now questionable animal glandular. These natural products have proven to be the most balanced and powerful now available. Above all else, our products have been engineered to improve your well-being.