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Thanks to Alicia and her methods

Alicia Omana is a valuable asset to anyone suffering from wellness imbalances. Her openness to cutting-edge alternative methods proves to be very useful for those looking for an alternative to ineffective conventional western medical treatments. I'd recommend her to any of my friends and family.

— Monica G.

Alicia Omana is a really nice person. She employs excellent tools and does a great job of identifying wellness issues. She is extremely strong in her knowledge and has Christian compassion. I have worked around the medical field (including chiropractors and athletic trainers) most of my life, and she is certainly among the best professional I have seen.


Alicia Omana has TRULY blessed my life. Her encouragement and wisdom and helping me with my weight and just my overall well-being. Mrs. Omana, I can't thank you enough, I feel so much better when I get up, no more hot discomfort, and I just feel well again. Thank you for being truly remarkable!


It was a real pleasure meeting Alicia Omana, she is very knowledgeable in her craft and super friendly!


I suffer from very dry and itchy skin, especially during the winter months. I researched the internet and found Omana Wellness Center that offered a milk and honey wrap that sounded great. I was able to see her the same day and found the solution to be excellent! I saw immediate results, my skin was smooth, soft and even shined! I also got a facial. She took care of me personally and found her to be very professional, caring, and easy to talk to. Extremely Happy!


I am dealing with wellness issues. I was able to see Alicia Omana the same week that I called her and spent 3 hours getting the protocol and. Mrs.Omana is very knowledgeable and kind, a real joy to spend time with and to learn how to look after my body better. Highly recommended!!


Alicia Omana is a very compassionate professional that goes beyond to ensure that I am receiving the best treatment. Feel blessed being treated by her. God bless her.


Since I started seeing Alicia Omana fall of 2014, I have so much more energy and much brighter days. She is a wonderful and very special person. She always takes her time with me and helps me in any way she can to get me on the right track for my emotional wellness. I am thankful every day for her and plan to continue seeing her forever! I would recommend her to anyone. She is a Godsend to me and my family.


I went to her for help with some digestive issues I was having and she gave me some nutritional advice that has already made me feel so full of energy. I haven't even begun the full program, but am feeling a lot better than before. She was very kind and explained everything so that I could understand. I left her office feeling confident that I was not alone in my struggle and that I could overcome my difficulties with time. Thanks, Alicia Omana!


Alicia spends effective time with her clients, and a goes to length to explain things. She is great!


I am a totally different woman today, thank you to Alicia Omana. She has helped change my life and I feel better than I have in the past 10 years. My metabolism is working again, and I have lost 25 lbs. I am SO grateful that she came highly recommended, she truly has a heart for her clients.


My family and I love the results we are seeing and feeling from Omana Natural Wellness. We have had many imbalances in the past couple of months. Alicia Omana is very knowledgeable, experienced and her bedside manner exceeds expectations.


Lots of issues with our teenage son, and Alicia Omana was able to see what was going on and devise a protocol that really works. No chemicals, just true healing. :) Can't thank her enough for her knowledge, compassion and caring!

— N.B.

Alicia Omana is more than a wellness consultant, she is an awesome friend and someone who truly cares about your well-being. She puts her clients first and spends quality time with you to put together the perfect plan for your personal needs. I recommend her to all males and females that care about their wellness.

— Ana C.

She is great. She truly cares and takes the time to understand how you feel, your discomfort and what she can do to help. She truly helps and most importantly cares. You know you are in good hands with her because she cares. That is something we most of the time overlook when visiting a wellness consultant. It is hard to find someone who cares and she does care about her clients and tries to do whatever she can to help you. I recommend her by far.

— Miranda J.

I love Alicia Omana! She has changed my life, I feel like a new woman and I am finally get tong some weight off.

— Charlotte W.

Our experience with Alicia Omana was great she's very friendly and takes time to spend talking and explaining her care protocol to you. She seems very sincere about helping her clients to get better. I would surely recommend others to her. Her compassion, patience and knowledge has won me as a life-timer!

— Charlotte W.

It has been a great pleasure for me to finally find a wellness practitioner that is genuinely interested in helping me heal my medical problems. Thank you so much for the session yesterday. I could really tell the difference in my face. I could really tell when I got home. It was so relaxing that I took a nap when I got home, which I never do. Thank you again, Landra.


Highly recommend she was very friendly, listens to you and explains health treatment in a easy to understand way. Some emotions were released right away. And I can feel the difference already. Mrs. Omana is amazing. She cares so much about her clients its impressive. I would definitely recommend her!! Thank you.

— Nicole R.