Alicia C. Omaña is a Board Certified Alternative Wellness Practitioner, Ph.D. in Natural Health, Natural Wellness and Nutritional Consultant, Trained for The Complete Health Improvement Program-Wellness Corporate Consultant, President/Owner of Omaña Natural Wellness and MedSpa Center, LLC, located in Spring, TX

Graduated as a clinician in Mexico, she became dissatisfied with some results in the allopathic medical field. She furthered her education with a Master’s in Public Health and worked in the US government in the field of Epidemiology in Transmissible Reportable Conditions. After 18 years of service, she again felt the need to change and decided to pursue a career in natural healing.

During this time, her mother’s health declined.

She suffered severe rheumatoid arthritis since age 34, causing all her extremities to be completely deformed, Alicia witnessed the struggles and side effects from multiple pharmacological drugs such as cortisone, pain medication, antibiotics, and other drugs. 

Her immunity got depleted, and she suffered many types of viral and bacterial infections, joint prosthesis, hip replacements, cervical traction, and so on.

It was very painful for Alicia to see her mother's body deteriorating each day. At the age of 70, she died of hepatic encephalopathy.

She was devastated. So she changed her career to improving the health and the lifestyle of people through natural healing. She had the opportunity to obtain other degrees and certifications such as ND. Certification in Executive Leadership for Health Care Professionals at Cornell University, Board Certified by AAMA.

"Now, I find myself satisfied and content improving Women’s Well-Being!

" I help women suffering from a lack of energy and unable to step forward with their lives due to their interrupted and blocked sense of wellness. I develop an assertive nutritional guide and wellness protocol and energy optimizing interventions based on Soul/Body/Mind balancing methodologies with fast enhancement in well-being. I help them to become energetic, vibrant, active, confident, and rejuvenated again by supporting their well-being and improving their health through natural, drug-free, and noninvasive means!"

I strongly believe natural wellness is the wave for the future.

- Alicia omaña


  • Nutritional Consultant/Lifestyle/Holistic 
  • Soul/Body/Mind Energy Relief/Quantum Energy Balancing
  • Natural Wellness Care Practitioner
  • Natural Wellness Consultant 
  • Wellness Corporate Director 
  • Professional Wellness Analysis Décor to Identify the Flow of Energy for Home and Workplace. 
  • Healthcare Administration
  •  Epidemiology & Infection Control 
  • Program Management & Budget Management 
  • Cross-Functional Team Leadership 
  • Training & Development 
  • Process Improvements & Quality Assurance 
  • Medical Investigations
  • Research & Analysis 
  • Statistical Data Collection 
  • Facility Inspections & Reporting 
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Policy Development & Implementation
  • Written & Oral Presentations.


Alicia C. Omaña earned her medical doctor degree at Universidad del Noreste School of Medicine, Tampico, México. Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) at the University of Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health. 

Doctor of Naturopathy at Kingdom College of Natural Health, USA. Certification in Executive Leadership for Health Care Professionals at Cornell University, New York PhD in Natural Health at Texas Chiropractic College—Practitioner of Natural Health Certification in Lifestyle Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine Institute, CA Board Certified by AAMA., Member at  American Association for Nutritional Consultants (AANC). Professional Classic Master of Feng Shuai. 


  • American Alternative Medical Association
  • American Council of Holistic Medicine, Former
  • International Iridology Practitioners Association
  • Public Health Association
  • Lifestyle Medicine Institute, CHIP Corporate Regional Director
  • American College of Wellness
  • Executive Search Network
  • Houston Anti-Aging And Wellness
  • Houston Wellness Association
  • Former, Medical Wellness Association and Alliance
  • Wellness and Health Marketing Group
  • American Association of Nutritional Consultants


Alicia C. Omaña has earned numerous Awards and Certificates of Appreciation for outstanding achievements Selected as “Outstanding Young Women of America” in recognition of Superior Achievement both Professionally as well as in Community Service. In 2013 she was nominated as THE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FOR THE AMERICAN COUNCIL OF HOLISTIC MEDICINE.

The American Council of Holistic Medicine is the certifying agency that recognizes differing levels of expertise, education, and specialty for the Natural Wellness Consultant in the field of alternative interventions.