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OPTIMIZES your body’s ELIMINATION OF TOXINS caused by harmful waste from micro-substances in our environment such as By-Products, chemicals, or foods. Toxins can clutter our body systems and block the assimilation of good nutrients that our body needs to maximize our lifestyle. *

Normally, our body eliminates non-nutrients, but our internal detoxification process can become compromised by foods and environmental toxins. *  Accumulation of toxins in our body can affect our SKIN.

DETOX CLEANSE helps to cleanse, purify and enhance the lymphatic system. *

  • Children consume more food and breath more air per Kilogram of body weight, increasing their ratio of exposure.
  • Children's GI tract absorb higher concentration of lead & other harmful substances and it is more likely to reach their developing brains
  • Children are regularly instructed to use antibacterial soaps and sanitizers that contain toxins such as Triclosan and can impact the microbiome
  • Products marketed towards children are often high in sugars, artificial colorants, and flavorings
  • The herbicide glycophosate has been linked to behavioral and leaning problems

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Baptisia TincD4, EchinaceaD3, EuphorbiumD6, Galium AparD12, Rumex C.D3, SarsaprillaD6, SulphurD6


HOW TO USE THIS PRODUCT: Take 10-15 drops 3-4 times a day in 8 oz of water. If you weigh less than 100 lbs. use half a dose or take as recommended. *

PRODUCT INFORMATION: 30mL approximately a 1-month supply when used as recommended

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