Meet Alicia Omana


I was trained as a clinician with an excellent clinical training in Mexico. I did as much as I could to provide everyone the best care, compassion, and dignity. I dedicated my time to resolve their concerns and helping to alleviate their conditions.

Throughout many years of service, I observed that side effects from drugs were damaging their health.

I became frustrated with conventional medicine. It was a never-ending cycle. I decided to further my education with a Master’s in Public Health and worked for the US Government in the field of Epidemiology for 18 years, thinking that I would provide a difference by implementing community health programs focusing on prevention.

During this time, my mother’s health declined.

She suffered severe rheumatoid arthritis since age 34, causing all her extremities to be completely deformed, I witnessed the struggles and side effects from multiple pharmacological drugs such as cortisone, pain medication, antibiotics, and other drugs. Her immunity got totally depleted, she suffered many types of viral and bacterial infections, joint prosthesis, hip replacements, cervical traction and so on.
It was very painful to see her petite, yet, deformed body of 4 feet height and 75 pounds deteriorating each day. At the age of 70, she died of hepatic encephalopathy, which starts when your liver gets damaged from a disease you have had a long time and can no longer get rid the excess of toxic ammonia. Her liver was not able to metabolize drugs any longer.

I could not help her, I was devastated!

Again, I felt the need to change my career with the purpose of improving health and the lifestyle of people and decided to pursue a career in natural healing. It has been a long educational path for me but worth the effort, I had the opportunity to obtain other degrees and certifications such as ND. Certification in Executive Leadership for Health Care Professionals at Cornell University, Board Certified by AAMA.

Now, I find myself satisfied and content improving Women’s Well-Being!

I help women suffering from lack of energy and unable to step forward with their lives due to their interrupted and blocked sense of wellness. I develop an assertive nutritional guide and wellness protocol and energy optimizing interventions based in Soul/Body/Mind balancing methodologies with fast enhancement in well-being. I help them to become energetic, vibrant, active, confident, and rejuvenated again by supporting their well-being and improving their health through natural, drug-free, and noninvasive means!


What it makes me different from the rest?

My revolutionary methodology is based on the power of FOUR:

  • Nutrition- Nutritious foods are medicine when eliminate sensitive foods that gets you ill.
  • Homeopathy- Bring vital healing energy to your body
  • Botanical protocols- Herbals are medicinal
  • Soul/Body/Mind Energy Stress Relief/Balancing interventions clearing trapped emotions and opening a new vision.

I strongly believe natural wellness is the wave for the future.

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